Vertical Access Wind Turbine in Place

This week’s progress included work on solar panels and installation of the vertical access wind turbine, a landmark feature. With blades measuring twelve feet, this generates aerodynamic force without having to be pointed at the wind. Gabion wall construction also moved ahead, and site landscaping began.

Roofing and Excavation Take Center Stage

This week, our team is stocking out the roof. We are re-roofing the building, replacing the old ballasted EPDM with a new mechanically fastened TPO. Wood blocking was installed on the parapet walls. We also excavated foundations for the student patio, retaining walls and a new parking area.

Demo Continues and Site Prep Begins

Selective demolition of the structure removed all of the interior walls and improvements. New metal stud framing for the classroom and lab space is being installed.  The existing ballasted EPDM room is being removed and replaced with a new TPO white membrane roof, which has a higher solar reflectance value and contributes to improved energy conservation.

With Demolition, Project is Underway

All of the construction and demolition debris that leaves the site is taken to a staging location to be sorted for recycling. More than 90% of the material to date has been diverted from a landfill. This includes crushed concrete for road building, steel recycling, wood that is ground and used for industrial fuel, and roofing materials that are processed back into asphalt material.